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Thread: Starcraft Season 2

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    Jigsaw originally got me into watching Pro Korean Starcraft, and i have loved it ever since. Its pretty sweet, especially if your a long time Starcraft player like me. I realized how much of a noob i was when i watched my first few videos and became hooked. It has American commentators with with a new Korean girl that speaks English and can translate some things. The second season of the Averatec-Intel Classic has just started like September 25th and its doing well. These are the first few games so not all of the crappy players are rooted out of the competition. But even their crappiest pro gamer is better than any American.

    Thats the link to the first video. They give you a brief summary about the whole thing, details about prize money and the players. Then they have the first game. Its best out of three so there is another game after it.

    Above is the link to all of the videos they have ever made. They go in order of most recent to oldest. So you might have to go back a few pages to actually find the start of the second season. Right before the start of the second season videos is the final match of last season (between Flash and Jaedong).

    They also show the matches live through streaming. They hold them at 1pm every Sunday in Korea. So thats about 5:00am East Coast time. I usually get up and watch the games whenever i can. Live is so much better.

    Tell me if you like it.

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    There was a video were a Korean tournament was being held and it was a 1v1 and they got into battle so early that they had a drone war, It was pretty funny.

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    u guys know if there is gonna be a 4th race in the SC2? and also refresh my memory.. what happened after SC2-BROOD WAR? were the zergs defeated or something?
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    I read people's post purely for amusement I find people's frustration and failure quite funny... after all it's all just a game... you'll die early if you take it too seriously. ^^

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    The races stay the same in StarCraft2, at least thats what blizzard has on their web site. We would have heard by now if there was a 4th one coming in. The plot didnt keep going after the game... thats why they are making a squeal.

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    Man found your thread and just started from the beginning of season 2...

    This is totally addictive... I cant get enough! Just finished the match with Baby vs Heng... like the third pairing...

    Think Im gonna have to start getting to bed early on Sat night so I can get up and watch Live!!!!

    Also had to re install the game so I could get in a few rounds... really gets you hyped for Starcraft 2.

    Thanks ManBearPig for sharing the site its Uber Cool!!!

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    I'm hyped about Starcraft 2 as well but I have this constant paranoia at the back of my mind that its just going to be WC3 in a Galactic setting. Which would be disappointing. I'm mainly concerned about this because its obvious that its on the same (maybe an enhanced) version of the wc3 engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman2412 View Post
    u guys know if there is gonna be a 4th race in the SC2? and also refresh my memory.. what happened after SC2-BROOD WAR? were the zergs defeated or something?
    Definitely not. Xel'Naga may make an appearance as a non-playable opposition, but introducing anything new at this stage of the lore would have quite an impact.

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    As long as SC 2 remains as amazingly well balanced as the original...I'm game.

    Hell, I'd even be happy if it looked exactly as it does now, as long as I can change resolution, and have more than 1650 units on the map. Those are my only 2 complaints with regular Starcraft, and I've been playing it for 8 years

    Competitive starcraft is very fun to watch.

    National Geographic!

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    this thread deserves to be bumped!!!

    I've been waiting for a year and a half now to get my hands on the final released game of SC2, but yet blizzard has decided to push the release of SC2 back by another half year. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    seriously and now I hear there will be no LAN support!!!

    this is getting ridiculous. someone with connections to blizzard, please for the sake of all humanity slap someone in development for me. thanks.
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    There is no lan play so that they can control the tournaments. However such a fact will be great for fans as it will allow you to easily follow ladders and even obtain VODs of the matches!

    As for gom it was a great season and I can not wait for the next one to start up. Personally I ordered the vip service to get higher quality vids along with the bonus content!

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