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Thread: Counter Strike for Kids

  1. Default Counter Strike for Kids

    this is for all the little kid admin/players in the ibis community(just look in the admin abuse section and you will get 2 know them very well).

    feel free to comment
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    i have the puppy dog skin lol

    now i know why lions eat their young.

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    rofled my as off, actually with some mods I was looking into recently it might be possible to develop that into a mod on the cheap do you think there is a market for that!? I think people might actually play it just for the lolz.

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    haha if i knew i would happily tell u and help but im clueless.

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    They had to make the movie somehow, there is probably some mod for that. The skins are available seperately on

    Extreme Gore Edition looks like a heavy Garry's Mod job though.

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    Whyt you remember when i posted screen shots of my skins? I had that puppy skin also, its funny as hell listening to them cry when they explode.

  7. Default Lol

    Shit in your Mouth! rofl " More Like Counter Strike For Pussys" haha celebrate a birthday omg haha my side hurts

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