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Thread: da newb 10/3/08 9:50 PM

  1. Default da newb 10/3/08 9:50 PM

    Name in Game: da newb
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:0:16856460
    Who banned you: I do not know
    When: 9:50 PM
    Where: Zombie
    Why banned: Pre-nuked and was not aware that it was not allowed

    Other/Reason to unban: I was banned without warning for my first offense. I was not aware that pre-nuking was illegal.

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    I banned you for an hour because i specifically said prenukers will be banned and those who go onto the helipad will either be slapped off or be frozen because they are both against the rules.

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    Ok. Sorry. I either didn't see or hear it. When I walked down there I wasn't even thinking about the nuke going off. I was just wandering around and seeing if it was possible to get up to that platform.

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