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Thread: Stats and STEAM Integration

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    If you need help setting this up or want to know what it is visit the faq section or follow this link:

    Remember that if you entered your id correctly your stats will show up on your posts and the steam icon will correctly link to your steam profile.

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    Zero how often will the stats update?

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    The stats update every 30min, for the pub it will be at the x:00 and x:30 for the gg server it is at the x:15 and x:45

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    Are they any cases in which an active player won't get any updates on stats during a couple of sessions?

    I haven't seen updates on my stats for the past two days.

    But from what you just said above the zombie mod server doesn't collect stats anymore.

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    the zombie server only updates every 24 hours. I am building a better stats for that server from scratch so I usually ignore the current stats for that server when I am talking about stats.

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    I have no idea if this is possible or difficult but anyways we can get CSGO GG Wins beside our Forum name as well?

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