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    Offending player: Dutch.ibis
    My ingame name: Negotiator

    I realize that Dutch is not an Admin, but he is a clan member so I felt this was the right spot for my complaint. Tonight Dutch intentionally tk'd me twice. The second time he tk'd another player along with me. I do not believe I violated any server rules. After each instance I asked him why he killed me. The first time he said something like "don't watch me die"; and the second was "quit blocking me" or something to that effect. I think he killed me because he felt I wasn't playing like I should. However, I am not a new player. I have been playing on your servers for a long time; if I got in his way or let him die, I assure you it was accidental. Regardless, it is against server rules to tk. Hitman was on the server when this happened. I asked Hitman if Dutch's behavior was allowed, and he said he would not comment. I can see why. It would be awkward for a clan member to discipline another clan member in public. However he encouraged me to post on the forums if I felt I was wronged. I'm sorry for such a long post, but I think it's necessary to throughly explain myself. I believe that as a clan member Dutch should uphold the rules and be a good role model, not use his <.ibis> tag to violate them. He is an amazing player, so I can see why he is in the clan. However, in my opinion his attitude is terrible. Whenever he is online he is constantly being belligerent and rude to other players, including myself. In my opinion; he thinks the game revolves around him. He only tk'd me when he thought I affected his gameplay. I really enjoy playing on your servers, and I hope that by posting this I can help make them better.

    Proof: 9:19pm & 9:23pm Central Time (+/- a minute or two). Hitman.ibis was a witness.

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    Hitman is not in ibis first of all. His tag is IBIS.a. That means he is an admin only, not a clan member.

    We know dutch as a temper when playing CSS. God forbid i have gotten in his way plenty of times and pissed him off. You kinda just have to stay out of his way and let him cool down. This isnt really abuse, just accept the TK and move on.

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    Yes something like this would require a demo to understand what was going on. This is more rule breaking that abuse but regardless people should not be breaking the rules. There are times when killing your teammate is the only way to survive and other times when it can not be avoided. A demo allows us to see as close as possible to how the events unfolded on the server

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