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Thread: Palin

  1. Default Palin


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    i cantsee it... :-\

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    dumb bitch....

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    There's nothing to see. It's called no comment.

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    "Is from Alaska I mean Alask, what the fuck, who the fuck. Alaska are you fucking kidding me. Alaska, Alaska, who the fuck do you think. Alaska there aren't even any black people there. Alaska what the fuck is this shit." -Wise men that we should learn from and take political advice from as well

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    Was calling Palin a dumb bitch not whyt just incase anyone doesnt get it

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    who cares? we shouldn't vote for another 4 years...

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    great statement about palin....

    im voting for a goat... as its better then anything else out there. and atleast when it makes a mistake we can say - its a goat what did u expect.

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    Is that not what we will end up saying anyways...

    We are looking at going to hell in a rocket or on a bike. I would personally like the bike because it might be easier to jump off of. Luckily my dad saw this coming and we should be able to escape and still survive, depending on how the election goes I will half to start learning that Spanish pretty fast. I have stockpiles of scrap gold and copper so I can sell that off along with other things to keep going.

    Why buy gold or gems? I just buy a gold and silver heat sink, it lets me overclock more and I can still sell it. + I use heat sinks more than gold rings.

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    gold is a very valuable heat sink, especially in space on space ships. the elohim will want your gold zero...

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