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Thread: car cd player trouble

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    anyone out there have problems playing certain cds in their car because of the cd labels? seems like mine can't grip the "smokey like" type cd labels correctly and skips even when I take a turn. often I will have to burn copies of new cds to play them.
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    maybe your car can only play wma type music files only .. i use to have that and it sux D: ... honestly im not sure.. but try to convert everything into wma then burn a new cd with wma's only.. then try it out
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    they started making remote control cars with cd players?

    show me the link!

    thx =)


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    oh btw I figured out the main cause. my gm stock cd player is not doing well in the late afternoon (hot) with the shitty cheap shadow labels. they will play in the cool mornings though. ill just burn copies of them to play for now.

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    lol cheap parts ftw

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