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Thread: Is there an exploiter in the house?

  1. Default Is there an exploiter in the house?

    I know that some of you know how to do the exploit that causes the server to crash and kick everyone with the client overflow thing. Can one of you try to do it on the pub server and let me know if it worked. You should get kicked when you try it now but I could not even get it to work when I tired it. So there are three possible results: you get kicked, the server kicks everyone, nothing.

    Please let me know if this new mod fixes it so that I can put it on all the servers.

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    I think the person that would know how to crash the server within the community would not step up to admit they know how to crash the server.

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    Exactly. I agree with NYS. If they did it before to piss people off, especially you then why would they step up and admit that they can do it lol. Now if someone wants to teach Zero how to do it through an unregistered email or w/e I think it can be done

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    I have tracked everyone that does it, it already loggs them and allows me to perma ban. If someone posts in here that they can do it and trys they will NOT get into trouble. I need to know that this mod actually works.

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