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Thread: Banned...

  1. Cool Banned...

    Name in Game: Petch
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:6161925
    Who banned you: Hitman <ibis.a>
    When: 10/08/08 - Between 6PM - 8PM EST
    Where: IBIS Pub #1 100tic Server
    Why banned: Suspected of Hacking.

    I added Hitman to my Steam friends asking why I was banned, because there was no mention of anything in game (other than two of Hitman's teammates saying "oh ya its real obvious that Petch hacks").

    We were playing Office, only a few rounds in and I was 9 -2. Long story short, after killing Hitman two rounds in a row I was banned and "suspected" of hacking. I have never used ANY modifications (aside of rate settings in game), including skins, for CSS. Usually I play competitively at LANs and in the past I have played in a few CAL seasons. I have no reason to hack, its senseless, I play the game to enjoy it (not to claim to be better than everyone).

    I believe I was banned because Hitman got frustrated. I also took note that my banning has yet to be posted. Hitman mentioned he had a demo, and I would love to see it. As I mentioned, I messaged him after I was banned looking for an explanation and when he told me he had I demo, I told him that I was glad, because he will look like a fool once its reviewed. I apologize if that was going to far, but again I don't hack so I was a little pissed for being accused of it for no reason. I don't believe that he could have even spec'ed me long enough to get a reasonable feel for how I play; as I mentioned we were only like 3 rounds into the map.

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    How come no one demo's me when i play?!? I look like i hack all the time.

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    Ya, like I said I would like to see this demo (if it exists). I would even settle for an explanation of why I was "suspected" of hacking.

    After getting banned for IBIS last night, I moved over to some of my other regular servers and I was on fire. I aced 7 vs. 1 on Office (surprisingly enough), but no one accused me of hacking or even mentioned it (because they know better). I think some admins need to realize there are players that are better than them, and I'm not referring to myself. I am simply saying, no matter how much you play there is someone who plays more, and someone who will be better.

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    Still banned, two days later, and I don't even get to see the "demo" that was taken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricochet View Post
    quichyerbitchin and move on.
    How is this bitching?

    He was banned. Went through proper procedure to post an unban request.

    No Demo has been provided.... Not even a comment from the Admin that banned him.

    I wasnt there and I dont know if the ban was deserved but it seems from reading this thread he has not been disrespectful in any way...

    This was more than a little 5 min ban and he just wants an explanation.

    Why even have this section if its going to be ignored!?!

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    hitman if you don't have a demo don't perm ban. if you can't post here an explanation today he should be unbanned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ricochet View Post
    quichyerbitchin and move on.
    Don't be a dick man.

    I've been playing CAL with Petch for a couple years now and he doesn't hack. Is it a problem when someone questions the reasons why he was banned when it happened without evidence or explanation besides "hacking"?

    He obviously enjoys playing in the server enough where he would come here to post and question his ban.

    Thanks prod. Ya he told me about this and I was suprised he was still banned o.O

    "If you don't like my fire..Don't come around..cuz I'm gonna burn one doooowwnnn"

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    was just in a bad mood, sorry for that off the cuff comment.

    I watched him play today.

    He's a good player. I can't say what was going on when hitman banned him but today he looked good.

    He was hot and cold today.

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    User was already unbanned must have been a temp ban...

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