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Thread: Hello everybody!

  1. Default Hello everybody!

    Well i'm from the zombie server but i played on the pub and apparently liked it since its on my xfire favorite, lol. (didnt know it was ibis till i looked at my favotires list) anyways, just wanted to say hi.

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    Welcome to the IBIS forum.

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    Welcome to the Forums. Could it be that a zombie player is converting to the PUB ?

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    Yo, NYS, that signature is bad ass. I'm proud of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManBearPig <ibis> View Post
    Yo, NYS, that signature is bad ass. I'm proud of you.
    Yea thanks to Demonic. Hes a pretty good photoshop guy. Hes a good addition to the IBIS community.

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    Yeah thats pretty nice signature.

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    i still dont know how to add one.

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    Links -> User control panel section -> Edit signature.

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    yea i got that but when i upload it from my flash drive it shows up but when i make a post its not there.

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