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Thread: The best thermal materials

  1. Lightbulb The best thermal materials

    Here is the efficiency of some possible blocks or plating that can be used for heat sinks: (calculated by atomic weight / specific heat)

    (Higher is better)
    Aluminum: 1.114939612
    Zinc: 2.568080094
    Copper: 2.600081833
    Silver: 4.255155819
    Platinum: 7.543851508
    Gold: 8.066449709
    Nickel: 2.251377062
    Thallium: 7.765322948

    The order is in specific heat, so you can see the relation that is has. I expect that people already know which ones are heavier than others.

    In conclusion this is why we see gold as the best conductor however, there are some interesting elements that are rarely ever used verses there inferior counterparts.

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    I need something to give those damn aliens.. where do we get thallium?

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    A gold heatsink ? Why havent they attempted do make one ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deprodigy View Post
    I need something to give those damn aliens.. where do we get thallium?
    It is found in rat poison and pretty much any effective poison...

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    how about the thermoberic bomb

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    yummy I love playing with poison. so if you eat a heat sink you can pretty much figure out it won't be good for you.

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    A silver heatsink would probably work if it is a small one. What about a conventional copper heatsink with gold wires fabricated inside of it?

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    The thermal conductivity of some of them.

    Thallium - 46.1 W/(mĚK)

    Aluminium -2 37 W/(mĚK)

    Copper - 401 W/(mĚK)

    Silver - 429 W/(mĚK)

    Gold - 318 W/(mĚK)

    Gold has by far the worlds best eletrical conductivity than any other known material. That would be one heavy heat sink. Id assume silver would do a better job though as it has a higher thermal conductive threshold. Thick silver plated copper heatsink don't sound to bad IMO.

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    Would not the plating just add increased thermal resistance as the heat must go cou -> thermal paste ->plated layer -> copper -> plated layer.

    Also remember in my calculation I am looking at it's ability to actually keep the heat. I am assuming that that value is in mol so that they are the same amount of matter. But gold is a heavier element and can store more energy than silver can...

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    use copper tubes and aluminum fins. feed r410a refrigerant to pass through the copper tubes. the pressure comes from a 7/8 copper lineset manifold off the header of the mini-split wall hung ac unit in your computer room. a modulating pressure valve before the manifold will ensure the correct amount of refrigerant flows through the heat sink. since the line will be below the compressor no filter drier is needed to prevent oil backflow.


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