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    Pub stats are being updated, all stats before 9/1/08 are being removed. It will take it an hour or so to re-read all your stars from the last 2 months and then start logging your current stats. Remember none of your current in game stats from today or during the update will be lost.

    When the new stats go up the old ones will still be available at the same adders but with _old added. So the address will be
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    I am uploading the old logs now and deleting them from the source so that it can start reading the current logs in. I should be able to start logging the old logs by tonight and the current logs by tomorrow. I think it will take like 21-85 hours to delete all the files before I can start loading.

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    GG server next I guess.

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    This update is now complete, enjoy.

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    can I delete my 40k kills and start over? all I need is one round going 25-1 to be in top 10... not these kids with 100 fucking kills in the top 10. we need the algorithm altered to reflect total kills and time in server to award more bonus.

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    You are in the top 10...

    Everything before 9/1/08 has been deleted.

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    in that case...
    excellent job zero. thanks for your time and effort! its paying off!

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