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Thread: stuff about admin

  1. Question stuff about admin

    its been 2 days now and i havent got admin (at least i think)
    i dont know how 2 test if i have admin or not

    i also forgot all the admin commands like kik and ban

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    You will get an e-mail when I go to activate it, it should be this afternoon. Just bind a key to admin as entering that in console will open the admin menu up.

  3. Lightbulb

    cant u just tell me the commands? in like a private message? cuz im not really good with all the console stuff

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    bind a key

    ex. bind "i" admin in console......

    Then press I and a admin menu will pop up on your left hand side.

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    i cant find the consule im 2 fuckin new to this

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    Quote Originally Posted by XxPaco_Da_TacoxX View Post
    i cant find the consule im 2 fuckin new to this
    In options click on keyboard then advanced then check on console

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    hit the ~ to get to the console.

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    steam help... read the instruction manual.

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    thanks ppl

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