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Thread: Portal: Prelude

  1. Cool Portal: Prelude

    Portal: Prelude, as its name states it, is an unofficial prequel to the game Portal. Its story revolves around the pre-GlaDOS epoch, even before she was plugged in. At this time, test subjects were monitored by real Aperture Science employees whose work was tedious, lengthy and repetitive. This is why they decided to build a great artificial intelligence that could both replace them in these difficult tasks, but also take responsibility for many other tasks within the complex and compete with Black Mesa's superiority. All employees of the Aperture Science complex are now eagerly awaiting GlaDOS. Maybe even a little too eagerly, as the upcoming events will tell...


    Yea that is right! The prelude to portal, death u better check it out too b/c I know that I am going to want those models for humans in lab outbreak

    Here is direct DL link:

    Here is the walkthough for the noobs that can not beat it:
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    Do you need to own portal to play it?

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    this is gonna be kick ass

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    I have added the trailer to the first post and am currently uploading the actual game to the webserver. Once it is up I will post again, the download should be much faster from here because we have a lot less traffic than the other hosts. I usually dl from this site at 1.2mbs while most of the mega hosts only give me 600-700k.

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    I have updated the direct dl link so that it will be faster using a file hosted from here.

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    The Cake Is A Lie...
    Quote Originally Posted by EVL_Ripper View Post

    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    So what do you all think so far, I have really enjoyed it and will probably beat it the next time I play. I think I have played it for like 3 hours, but I spend a lot of time looking around and I like to try to see if I can work out the puzzle before starting so I do not get killed so many times.

    I have been very happy with the progression of difficulty and how the rooms can be solved in multiple ways. This has defiantly given me some new ideas to work with for the lab outbreak series.

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    hmmmm ill check it out

    o and as for the ending of outbreak i hope u all enjoy easy to kill npc zombies

    cause thers going to be....well a shit load of them

    and yes i tryed already while testing it and ur ping stays in good ranges where u dont lag except for people who usually have bad ping to begin with ^_^

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    My bro said it was like batshit crazy hard but i like puzzles so ima try it out soon, thanks for the site, I didnt even hear about developement until recently

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    Quote Originally Posted by omnomnomnomnomnom View Post
    My bro said it was like batshit crazy hard but i like puzzles so ima try it out soon, thanks for the site, I didnt even hear about developement until recently
    nice name you have...

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