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Thread: Sneak peek

  1. Arrow Sneak peek

    Sneak peek at the upcoming new IBIS Gaming website:

    So what do you guys think about it?

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    looks... familiar lol. hopfuly not gonnna be as blank

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    Not bad,

    Though I'd personally recommend cutting down the different fonts to keep the website organized. As for a better idea on what the text may look like, try pasting in a Lorem Ipsum filler text. I feel the buttons can be better if you don't use the flash navigation ones? Maybe make a rollover type graphics, clean yet minimal.

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    That is what I wanted but I can not figure out any ideas for what the dam things should look like... I could make ones that are like this from scratch. But I also have no idea how to make animated gif in gimp.

    Or is there like a gif maker that I can DL that just lets me set the images frame by frame or lets me have a before and after image and it makes the animation like flash does...

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    I like the colors on the banner. Its the topics that need to be worked on. I would put some input but I'm not an artistic person. Hey Demonic put some input into this thread !

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    Try this:

    You can do it that way. Or just google for img rollover scripts.

    or you don't even have to make rollovers.

    Just design the nav like this:

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    I am guessing that what you mean is that you do not like the font for the center headers.

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    I think its good except it shows too much white in the background. Thats just my opinion though.

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    i like the colors and the layout, but i also agree on minimizing the different fonts.
    im digging the fonts to the left of the page (gaming, hardware, etc.)

    is the back of the page going to be white? or is it going to be grey like what we have already?

    anyway i like goodjob zero

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