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    Okay so I feel a bit embarrassed for asking this, but what exactly are these DEMO files? What do you need to run them? What do you need to record them? It's a bit important, too!

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    Who wants to write up a detailed explanation? I only now the basics myself.

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    the syntax for recording a demo in game is:

    record "filename"

    Type this in console.

    This will record a demo with the filename:


    to replay the demo you simply type (in console):

    playdemo "filename.dem"

    hit shift+F2 to display the demo controls

    demos are used in competition to ensure that a player is not cheating or otherwise gaining an unfair advantage. Another use for them is for admins on a public server to demo a player if they suspect they are cheating. Some good players demo themselves so that they have proof that they don't cheat whenever they are accused.


    record "filename"-----> records the demo
    playdemo "filename.dem" ------>plays recorded demo

    demos are stored in the
    C:\programfiles\valve\steam\steamapps\"your username here"\counter-strike source\cstrike

    you can download demos posted on forums into the above directory and view them once you launch CS:S by going into the console and using the playdemo command.

    Note, the parentheses I show above in the console commands are not neccessary for the filename unless the filename contains spaces. It's easier to just not use spaces.

    Any questions?

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    Another interesting feature used to see if a player is wall hacking in a demo is to type the following commands in console after the demo starts playing:

    sv_cheats 1
    mat_wireframe 1

    The second command turns on neon blue wireframes and shows players as if you were watching the demo and wallhacking. you can see players and everything through the walls.

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    Thanks Rico!

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    I think he was looking for what they are not how they are used...

    A demo file: Is a recording of a video game using that games integrated recording system. This is not to be confused with a video as a demo is more like a saved game file. When you watch a demo you must have the map that the demo was played on and you actually load all the data from the demo.

    As a result to record a demo you need any modern game.

    To watch a demo you simply need that same game and the correct map.

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    Thanks, guys! Much appreciated!

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