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Thread: Use office 07 files on older versions

  1. Default Use office 07 files on older versions

    It is possible to use the new office files with the old versions of office!

    Simply download:

    It is an update for the older versions of office, hidden away on Microsoft's website. It says: "Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats new to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007."

    I have tested it and it does work

    Keywords: office 2003 .docx .pptx
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    kick ass find!

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    My school gave us this. All of our school laptops got updated to 07, and our home PC's are the old ones (03). So they figured this would solve the problem. I have to say i don't really like 07 very much.

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    OMG 07 is so bad, it is a joke. Lucky I know the shortcut keys so I did not need to use the gui or I would have just given up.

    At UK they had installed Vista on all the computers (they were made for vista) well now all of there computers have XP, who could have seen that coming...

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    rofl almost exactly 1 year later I needed this link again and that is exactly why I posted it so I could never lose the data muahahahahaha

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