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Thread: admin abuse by whytboiz

  1. Default admin abuse by whytboiz

    Admin's INGAME name: whytboiz with extra letters
    You're INGAME name:: -=Logan5=-

    How did he/she abuse: He was giving someone a hard time about their name then name calling. Afterwards he muted me for no reason and banned me without warning.

    Proof: I was banned at 1:40 EST on 10/21/08

    ================================================== =====

    This guy was making fun of another players name in the server because he had NUMA in his name.

    After listening to whytboiz33 talk trash to him about it I stuck up for him.

    Whytboiz33 then banned me and I don't know for what duration.

    I'd like to be unbanned and report whytboiz33 for admin abuse.

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    Noted, this has been closed for now due to lack of evidence, also let the record show that a mute (thus a warning) did occur before the ban. Future reports logically will require a new topic to be issued along with a new accusation.

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