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    I just recently downloaded a Mame emulator and downloaded a few games. I got Marvel vs Capcom working but every other gamre I downloaded like metal Slug (MUST HAVE) does not work and its ufkcing pissing me off.

    Can someone help me please? I am looking for a Playstation 2, Mame and Dreamcast Emulator and someone to help me set it up so I dont get any errors.

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    whats mame?

    i have gamegear, gba, nintendo, 64, n sega. games you cant typically get.

    lol, i never mastered the more modern games.

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    I was going to ask about mame too. what mame?

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    Mame is more of those Arcade Games you see in Candy Stores and shit.

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    I figure dout what was wrong. I was playing Neo Geo games and I needed the BIOS in order to play them so I just did a quick download and copie all the files into each ROM. Now im happy

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    I still havnt gotten fucking Crysis Warhead to work... god its been like a month i have been trying. The torrent is just fucked i guess.

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    It is the old games like for Atari, but a lot of people do not have Atari or want to pay $$ for the actual arcade machine and so they get emulator. I for example have the 2600 with all the games and the Magnavox Odyssey along with the 32x but the coolest game of all is raideN trad

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    Wow the memory of a NES. My first console ever. I still have that fucked in storage somewhere...... Altough i could never get the games to work anymore

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