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Thread: Slayed, kicked for warding imaginary bomb

  1. Default Slayed, kicked for warding imaginary bomb

    Time: Around 5:54 A.M. EST
    Tic: Around 45000
    -----------------------------------------------------Extra Read---------------------------------------------------------
    I have with me another funny demo of people accusing me of warding objective when infact, it is them who are just too lazy (or just hate me for killing them) to really check my ward. I do acknowledge of ever warding objective due to at first, misunderstanding of wcs rule #5 which states: Wards are not allowed 2 fully block an objective. There must be a clear path for the opposing team 2 take towards their objective at all times.

    I have almost never fully warded nor have I ever blocked all clear paths to objectives. There were few times I accidentally pressed keys for warding that caused me to fully ward the objective however, no one was around my wards during those times.

    I am sorry for ignoring admin's warnings because I muted all mics incase of mic spamming and the admins mostly warned through mics; I can see the admin chats. So now I will not mute all admins.

    Bottomline: Geniuses gived out many more false claims of me warding objectives due to not checking than I actually did ward objectives.

    Funny quote from Lord_taz after he got killed "he was actually on top of its bomb."

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    OK although this is in the wrong section and although you have the worst record with warding objectives, I will say this: There is absolutely no reason for you to have been kicked. Lord_Taz should not have suggested kicking you as the bomb was too far to have been hit by any of your wards and they were not touching the bomb site.

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    wait, so what you are saying is... Taz has admin again?
    Personal reform

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    Closed Wrong section and in the wrong format.

    Rezel<ibis>: i'll make a self reliant artificial intelligence to deal with admins... I'll call it maynard 1.0 a exact replica of his personality to kick the shit out of bad admins..
    maynard<ibis>: an army of AI maynards.... this pleases me.

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