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    As you can see the forums are back online. Our servers have been moved to a new datacenter and should now be faster then ever! This movie is still in progress so some databases my go up and down for the next few days. Currently the ranks are not updated as the cron manager is broken. As soon as the cron tab is back I will start to update the ranks, starting with the pub and ending with zm. Also I want to add that the pubs web stats templates are messed up. The cause for this is totally unknown but the zombie one is working. They both use the same version and settings, so it is a real mystery. I am currently uploading a copy of the current zm version to try to switch the names and see if it works...

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    The zm stats are up to date, as they are using the same settings. It will be longer before the rest of the stats can update.

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    Pub and gg stats are up to date. If you have any problems with the site after this post please let me know so I can look into it.

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    I am still working out some server load issues but hopefully that will be fixed soon

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