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    I got sick of my wireless connection and went out to get an ethernet cable to improve my connection speed. So i plug the cord in and its all right. But i cannot find a LAN connection in my computer. I think i dont have an ethernet card, but thats hard to believe because i have a port for it. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe im just being stupid and am missing something.


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    Right click on My Network Places and go to properties or go to Control Panel and click Network Connections?

    Make sure the drivers are up to date.

    If its that your trying to get to other PC's on your LAN....

    If your on Vista make sure network shares are turned on threw ALL the confusing paths of the options.
    XP turn on Network sharing.
    Make sure your firewall is allowing access from the other IP's on your LAN.

    Some routers are finicky and require you install the software on your main PC to access the internet or other LAN's if you have one wired.... Some are just crap all together.

    Your question kind of confused me as I don't exactly know what problem your going threw or what you wanted an explanation for.
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    I got it to work. First i didnt have the Ethernet Connector turned on, so i had to go into my Bios to fix that. And then i had to check what motherboard i had so that i could update the Ethernet Connector off the web site, but i got a beta update. Then i finally got it to work but had this problem that kept fucking up the computers start up. So i uninstalled the Beta and just got to normal that fixed it. Took me 3 hours, but i guess its worth it. My internet is faster, although now when i do downloads the 3 other computers slow down like crazy cuz im sucking up all the bandwidth more than usual. We will probably get a new router.

    Hopefully C&C Red Alert 3 and Fallout 3 will be done torrenting by the time i get home... Fingers crossed.

    Thanks though steamer.

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    Np. Well since its going faster its going to. It may not even be your router (unless its overheating). You could limit the amount of bandwidth being drawn from each computer with some common apps as your Connection probly can't handle the demand (Net Limiter works well).

    Torrentiing will devour the entire connection if not limited and even sometimes cause the router to crash (mainly the upload bandwidth does it with lack of overhead).

    C&C RA 3 sucked in my opinion. Haven't had the time to try fall out 3 yet. I'm still playing Dead Space.... CREEPY....

    Be gracious and don't download so much Porn while others are using there PC? xD j/k

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