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Thread: Banned? o.o;

  1. Default Banned? o.o;

    Name in Game: Imbru.Carnage;
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:20741907
    Who banned you: Not Sure
    When: Not sure
    Where: Gun game server
    Why banned: Not sure

    I use to play on the server a lot, Then I stopped getting on steam for about 2 months, And when I came back I was banned.

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    did you stop playing cuz u were banned or were you banned while you were gone?

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    You first played on the gg server on 10/11/08 so was it the pub U played on before... Also you were just on the server for 10min on 10/26/08.

    If no admins can say anything about this you will be unbanned on friday when i am back intown.

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    Im currently AFK but anyway I can see if I was on when he was? Its possible I banned him for something

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    Quote Originally Posted by whytboiz33 View Post
    did you stop playing cuz u were banned or were you banned while you were gone?
    I was banned while I was gone.

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    thats really odd...

    hm... just unban him

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    I checked his stats page and I am wondering why you join the server and just sit there?

    The past 20 or so games it shows, you go into the game and sit there from 10 mins to 30 mins at a time and dont even play.

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    Its always suspicious when someone requests to be unbanned after a few months later.

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    Why does he need to be unbanned anyways? He doesn't even play, he just wastes time in spec probably ghosting for his friends.

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    zamn. you guys do too much drugs... all paranoid n shit.

    lol, i havnt seen his page, but if ONLY sits in spec, then he was probably banned for constantly taking up a reserved slot, or ghosting. does he have the same IP as another player?

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