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Thread: Requesting Unban

  1. Default Requesting Unban

    I was an admin and I cancelled my paypal subscription like 3 times and it didn't work, then you messaged me Zero and we traded a couple of emails, and they were completely reasonable and then I got banned. I was never a burden on the community for those who remember me, and I played Zombie MOD alot and spent a little time with the Gun Game crew.

    Either way, if it was because of the paypal thing you had to understand that I'm in the US Army and I was medevaced and I spent a ton of money trying to get home and while I spent 5 months in the hospital and thats why I kept trying to cancel the subscription. Either way, I would just enjoy playing with the crew again.

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    Honestly I dont think Zero would ban you for that reason.

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    No one else has access to my steam account that I know of and I was mannered whenever I was present in the pub and always tagged. So, that's what it had to be. Maybe he wasn't aware of the situation or something or maybe he was tired and frustrated at the time and just didn't want to deal with it. But, I can almost assure you that is the reason I was banned.

    Oh, and slightly off topic...

    I registered in the past on March 6th. What happened to the forums and all my pretty posts? ;(
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    idk how long ago that was, but fairly recently the forums were restarted.

    anyone has access to you IP and ID. they just need to look in the stats.

    if you were banned by zero it must have been a mistake or you were braking a rule that required a ban. either way we'll get to the bottum of it.

    its always possible another admin banned you, out of mal, or accident

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    No I did not ban you and never would without really good reason. You have always been a great member of this community and I can not even think of how you would have gotten banned.

    Also the forums got deleted back in may and all the accounts and posts were lost. Luckily I have better backups now a days

    I have been out of town all week but I will unban you as soon as I get back.

    If there still are any paypal problems let me know asap so I can fix it. I thought that, that problem was solved a long time ago

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    Wow, wtf...

    I can only think of that being the reason I was banned. Thats wierd, I'm not even good or anything. I just play alot and I was really starting to miss the community. Damn, I wish I would've posted sooner. I will most likely end up picking up admin again if I get back into the server and find alot of people that make me want to stay and play. I really can't remember alot of the players that I used to play with, but I remember one back around the superbowl time that started the "Tom Brady" name revolution. Either way, a fairly consistent group of people were on the Zombie Mod server at all times of the day and I miss those crazy bastards.

    Well, a post when I'm unbanned would be spectacular and forgive me if I overlook any rules that were in place last time I was active around here.

    Oh, and does anyone know why I uploaded my sig but its not showing. I've checked everything I could but I can't find it. O.o
    Oh well, off to my 2nd job.
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    Check the rules forum for all the current rules

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    So when exactly are you expected back? I'm going effin nuts here. :P

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    You should make that shit your signature.

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    It is done

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