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    I know you guys have a Zmod server, but are you going to add an Left 4 dead server.

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    Is not that game only like 4-8 players... ?

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    Yup 4-8 players. But its really good. I been playing the Demo, and thinking about hosting my own server, but if you guys have one i would love to play on it or even help ad for it with my server.

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    I dont know about a server but this game looks really good. Nice graphics and great gameplay. I usually play a new game and quit after like 5 minutes but this game is an exception.

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    Yeah sweet, demo on 360 now.

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    sounds like you would need multiple servers to satisfy the demand, which probably wouldn't work out. I want to play with more than 6 people anyways.

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    I'm not really familiar with owning servers, so I'm probably gonna make myself look stupid. Wouldn't an 8 man server require less bandwidth/space, making each server cheaper?
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    Yes, but the problem is who is paying for this. At IBIS we use admin sales to fund the servers and website. Other places use raw donations, but with only a small number of players on each server and thus really small communities it would not be practical to run dedicated servers for that game and expect them to be sustainable.

    Take the Zombie server here for example, despite the fact that it came after the pub it is the primary revenue source for IBIS Gaming. This is simply because it has more player slots and thus a larger community argo more admin sales.

    Also, because there is only a very small player cap for the game there is going to be very limited competition between one server and another. As a result the only people that could afford to run them would be the Uber mega communities that have servers in like every game under the sun and grow there funds off of trees. The other possibility of this game is ending up like NS where you only have like 2 major server providers and a limited player group in the long run. The reason for that occurring in NS was that the game was originally made for 10 player servers, it was not until 30 slot servers were made that the game became popular and even then the game had to be reworked to be (somewhat) balanced.

    I should also note the non-competitive nature of the game. What I mean by this is that lag is not as important of a factor as it is on cs. Also the game is made more with the idea you will be playing with friends from RL and thus using a server hosted on your own computer is not unpractical. Therefore it is far more likely that most of the servers will end up being basement systems being used for personal rather than commercial use.

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    oh, that makes sense. My computer is too puny to run it anyway so I won't be worrying about it.
    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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    I hosting my own server, I love to have the MOTD have the IPs for the IBIS CSS servers if thats alright with Zero.

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