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    First I am not really sure this is the best people I should open up to, but there is some good people I talk with on the server I really hope they on the forums too. I been having hard time sleeping, most people on the server see that since I am on late many times and I posted around 2am this morning on the forums, that is when I woke up. I have spoken with my dad about this, he keeps telling we see a doctor about it sooner or later and I should not take pills for it since taking a few pills now and then will make me a druggie? Really, aspirin we have in the house expired 8/04 I mean me and my dad don't use medicine unless its really needed and I really think this is one of those times just my dad thinks differently about it.

    Last week I cleaned the house, not asked too or any thing like that just a day my teacher could not come like today so i decided to clean, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, my dad's den, dining room. So after I did all that, my dad yells at me for not cleaning my own room, but yet I don't get one word of praise for cleaning the rest of the house so what I have a clothes on the floor!! That is not really a big deal, I did most of the house but all I hear is what i did not do. Recently I feel like my dad been not keeping his word with me, and to himself... we been jogging for one since he is worried about his own health since he is getting old and I really find it fun and we always did it together.. now it seems i have to miss half of a week before we a jog together again and I really want to stay with every other day.

    I know that should a little selfish and I may be selfish right now. Also last night we could not finish a movie together he promised me we watch the godfather and we only got the first tape of part 1, and then he said we can watch the second tape tonight. I know that part because of his work, he leaves to work, comes home does more work, then we get little time to watch a movie or some thing other times we stay up till 11pm to get breakfast from fastfood. Today my teacher could not come, so I did clean my room, master bathroom, laundry, kitchen, living room. But I went to the kitchen trashcan was over filled, so I had to grab a new bag and stuff it from stuff off of the top into the new bag. Really is it hard to take out the trash bag when its full, I do it most of the time but seems like he cant do it now and then.

    Just feels like every is changing really around the house, I watch the news I hear about the layoffs... and I hear my dad rant about work every now and then i worried that he might not have a job.... he told me he take some unpaid days soon but he promised they would not effect Christmas but I really not worried about that I am worried about the jerks at his work. Some of them sound like they setting him up to look like an ass. I know I should't be worrying or any thing like that I dont know just feels like every thing is falling apart today. I just cant wait until I am finish all my cleaning and do little studying, write up current events and play some counter-strike where most of every thing goes ok.

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    dude, i just read ur first sentence. we're here for you... what ever you just posted... dont worry about it. everythings gonna be alright.

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    invest in Gas, oil, cellphone, computers, airlines, mp3 players and just wait. BIG $$$ is on the way when the markets go back up.

    AND also cheer up, your still young and don't have to worry about shit.

    you can sit at home, play css or what ever you like to do all day. I on the other hand would love to be in your position.

    Make the best of what you can.
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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    I do not know anything about your or your fathers past so it is hard to see the entire picture. What I can do is perhaps tell you a story about my father that could help. This may get long but I will try to only put in what should be needed to get the full picture. I will start quite a bit in the past because I am one who likes to look back to understand what is ahead.

    When my father was young he worked many jobs, everything from garbage man to dishwasher. I do not think he was every very good at school and I think it took him a while to finish college never to achieve anything higher than a regular degree. His father an immigrant from Germany before WWII was an engineer for Ford and as a result my dad grew up for a time in Argentina when he was a boy. My dad during his younger years did work on the side with friends and stuff like most people in that time. He would make some good money to have it blown away, like when his friends sank his boat when they took it out for a weekend.

    Married he worked for Sprint and for years leading up to and for a bit after my birth received 110% sales awards ect, ect. He eventually worked for MCI for like 5 years or something before moving us to NC to work for BTI. After being basically in charge of laying the fiber lines for the south east back bone (which some of you are using to view this, or possibly talk on the phone about) he went to work for a company called North American Telephone which he ultimately left. During his time there he became acquainted with the Dominican Republic and allegedly met some people from there who were visiting NYC, something they had saved money to do for a very long time. They basically convinced him that the nation was a good prospect for a man like him and he could have a good shot at making good money down there and logically doing some good for the country too (jobs).

    So it started, the grand DR extravaganza. Lets just say that for one, my dad does not trust many people and after that he really does not trust people. "You can never trust any of these people son, you just got to trust yourself and your family but even then you should always keep an eye out". "Everyone is in it for themselves, I do not know why I am so fucking stupid look just remember NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED, every time I forget and every fucking time IT NEVER GOES UNPUNISHED"

    A few years ago my dad started again, from square one with a single penny left in his pocket. Millions lost, millions more never to return, over 50 and no money for retirement and barely enough to send his son to school and let alone his daughter who will be of college age soon. From this he left us again as he had done before so many times, "to go to work".

    When my dad goes to work in the dr, he goes to work. He will be gone for a few weeks to a month and is always tired when he gets back. Always glad to see his family but always too busy to see it. When he left that time I wondered if I would ever see him again, what he had been though the things he alone knows would have driven any man to death. It was 3 months before I saw him again and it was only for a few days. This went on for almost a year and when it was done it was almost as if I had not seen him in one.

    After the scavengers had left his dead body in the dearest he returned to the dr as I stated above. It was not only his last best hope for life but the only thing remaining that could provide a future for me and my sister. He took the few pennies he had alone with some money from his mother. He also look the one company he was left with. Called Solutions Dominicana it was hardly profitable it had mostly set around as a self substantial business waiting for him to get around to doing something with it. Today he is still trying to build it up and still fighting hard, he knows that if this gets fucked up he may never get another chance again. I hear that he is planing to double the size in the next year but we will see with this economy.

    During the years that he went though the loss of his work and had to start again it was very hard. He would never really do anything with the rest of us. He was to busy thinking, he looked like he could fall over and die at any moment for those years. When you looked into his eyes you could almost see his sole breaking apart, crushing what remained of his heart. He did not want to really share or talk about the problems only the needed facts were laid out. He wanted to protect us, but I think we all know now that it would have been easier on him if he let us take some of the burden.

    I can not really say anything else from this point as I have yet to think it all out. For now things are slowly going better, I only hope that I am able to succeed at least as much as he has and I pray that perhaps I can make some good money early on to help provide for him when he is older. Especially because I doubt that he will be able to save up what is needed. Actually on that note, we all do expect that he will never retire unless some miracle occurs.

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    I'm not sure about everything with your dad... but I feel you with the sleeping. I've been up for about 36 hours and can't sleep. (Although there WAS a lot of adderall and caffeine during those 36 hours)
    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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