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Thread: Ban Appeal

  1. Default Ban Appeal

    Name in Game: Nub-Shtrike
    Steam-ID: STEAM_0:1:2467733
    Who banned you: Not sure (maybe Garry, he seemed to be the only one with <ibis.a> on)
    When:4:20 eastern
    Where:IBIS #1
    Why banned:No reason given...

    Other/Reason to unban:
    I know all of the server rules, have played here before, yet i got banned on the spot today for no reason.
    As far as i know you need a demo to ban someone, and no demo was recorded of me.
    (/\) Socrates and Nihilist kept whining and going back and forth about how i wallhack blah blah blah.

    those two are complete fucking noobs.
    i shot a guy through a box where the bomb was planted because i HEARD him defuse. and they say i hack.
    i headshot someone around the corner because he is RUNNING the whole time. they say i hack.

    i really wouldnt care if i got banned if 1) wear headphones and 2) record a demo.

    i hate appealing bans, why cant people just not whine so much?
    sorry for wasting your time if you really do think i hack though.
    No admin pulled me aside to even talk to me previously.
    Ive been playing this game almost 10 years (cs began in '99ish) and i hope that deserves some credit.

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    You were in the pub earlier today too. You and your friend danimal (not the danimal whose a regular... these two had a tag, i think it was [naked]) were both walling. There were multiple times when you both tracked players through walls. When you two were on opposite teams on de_rush (i think thats the map) you were actually following eachother through the wall.

    ... It wasn't random and it wasn't a couple noobs complaining. I don't know if Rico got a demo but I know he was pretty suspicious of you guys.

    And according to the stats you just started playing on this server yesterday

    and danimal's stat page (so you know which one I'm talking about)
    A NEW HIGH SCORE! What does "high score" mean? New high score, is that bad? What does that mean? Did I break it?

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    There was previously [naked] Clan members band from ibs servers for hacking before, I'm sure Zero will remember too, so I Reallly don't believe a word he said.

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    guess the ban stands even without a demo?
    not much i can do to defend myself when there is no demo, only accusations.
    all i can say is that i dont hack... ive been playing this game forever, and hacking is not a way to have fun.
    i mean i was never inconsistent with my skill level so i dont see where there could be accusations, my aim is good, logic good, teamwork is good too... then just accused of walling because i use everything to figure out where someone is... radar, teammates, sounds, broken windows etc...

    oh well, i wont bother you guys any more then ive been in this situation enough times- peace.

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    A demo is needed for a perma ban

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    I will note that there stats are suspicious but he was doing well even when the other player was on. I can say that if 1-2 more of there clan members are perma banned on the servers we will just ban the entire clan under the assumption that they are all hacking.

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    Actually I remember when the other peeps with the NAKED tag were banned. I think I still have demos of them. So I agree with Dual about not trusting them

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    Zero, I was pmed by several regs in the server that this guy was blatantly walling with his partner in the server. I come in and even when I was present he still continued to wall in front of my own eyes.
    In my judgment I felt a demo was not needed due to the blatant wallhacking that this perp was committing.

    Note: The whole server was in agreement. Now I know you said a demo is not needed if it was blatant. Yes, this my friend was blatant. The problem is that he was too noob to cover it.

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    I believe these two are wall hacking or venting. I also believe they are smarter than to let someone demo them while doing it.

    I was playing with them earlier. I had whytboiz come into the server and watch them too under an alias. He immediately claimed that something fishy was going on but later renegged. Again, I believe they were toggling cheats or not communicating so as not to get caught.

    My experience with them was that they would suck horribly and even stated so in chat when I was in spec. As soon as I came into the game they would pick back up again. There were just too many times where I would come around a corner while walking and get popped by either danimal or nub shtrike in the head.

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    Another thing I would like to add is him and his clan partner were playing under the same ip also.

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