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Thread: And so it begins...

  1. Arrow And so it begins...

    My next computer has started ordering procedure:

    I have just ordered the cpu for $1000

    When completed this will be one of the highest preforming desktop pcs on earth. I will also be creating a series of articles detailing it's construction and customization and publishing them on the new website when it launches.
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    So this is where all the Admin fees are going :P

    I've just started an i7 build myself, hoping to have everything settled by the end of the month. Whats your spec list looking like so far?

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    Using (off top of my head so names could be off) the

    Ausus p6t deluxe
    Kingston Hyper X 3gb @ 2ghz
    2x 15,000rmp SAS drives raid 0
    1x 280
    1x X-Fi
    2x 120mm quad radiators
    1x cpu water block
    3x ram water blocks
    1x water blocks for m/b ect
    10x Silent 120mm fans @70cfm
    2x 200+cfm fans
    4x silent 80mm fans
    2x 268gph pumps
    1x pump control system
    3x 1TB storage drives(rad-5)
    1x 1200W psu
    1x 300w psu
    2x full tower cases
    Xx Silencing material

    Some of the stuff was already purchased over a year ago. Completed costs estimated at: $5000-$6000

    Life expectancy is 8 years with 1 500$ upgrade.

    Salvage value is estimated at 20 years, 40% of the budget will be salvageable after 12 years.

    There should be no need for a Silver Bullet III caliber system until after 2020.

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    $5000+ and only 1 280

    What do you plan to do with it?

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    Sounds like you making a nice system

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    Next winter there is a (much) better gpu coming out and so I am just getting this one for a year, after that I plan to sell it or to try to use it as a ppu or something...

    Hopefully by summer time everyone who visits this site will know how to make a computer just like it and how to do all the customizations.

    I am really excited to see how well it does in bonic!
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    Dual screen monitors again?

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    I take it you got the i7 965.

    I'll be starting my build in January. Of course with a lower spec i7. I for one don't need all that power of the EE, it will be quad+ however.

    On a side note, If it were me I'd hang on to the single 280 for a PPU and Cpu off load. All those cores will come in handy when all the kinks are worked out and the OS and apps can use them efficiently.

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