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Thread: Dear Admins

  1. Default Dear Admins

    Hello dear admins,

    Please take in consideration uploading this dear map on Ibis pub server.

    Thank You In Advance!


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    Change the title to

    Dear Zero lol

    nice map worth a shot

  3. Default

    Looks good....I recommend it !

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    looks like get a room.

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    I played this map a long time ago, I think it might be a bit big but should not be bad compared to veges.

    That site has some great maps for the gg server!
    Last edited by ZERO; 11-19-2008 at 10:30 AM.

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    Yes Zero, could we please have this map added to the server?

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    I like kismayo. you can only find it on 32 or 50 slot servers usually. we could probably get away with it though...

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    Thanks, sweetie. Now if only the pub server could become popular like it used to be... (how much the server has degraded really makes me sad, but perhaps it is time to move on anyway?)

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    dude its just slow this time of year because of exams and football. I haven't been on much cause I watch football all week.

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