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Thread: its rambo and im back

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    Default its rambo and im back

    hey guys im back just saying hey. i got sent back overseas early because i got my leg shot off. so yeah and guys respect oblivion cuz hes my home boy. lol tell everyone im back and i will try to get my admin back when my css works again. so just saying that, rambo out.

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    At least that puts you high in line to be one of the first cyborgs of this century. I would say that sometime in the 30s you should be able to get an implant to fix it.

    I am glad to hear that you made it out alive, I hope the recovery is going well.

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    is the heat still heavy in iraq?
    Ibis Steam Contest #2
    Canceled till further notice

    I read people's post purely for amusement I find people's frustration and failure quite funny... after all it's all just a game... you'll die early if you take it too seriously. ^^

    Arrogance - only fags and assholes have them... You know who you are.

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