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Thread: Mirrors Edge

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    has anyone heard or seen anything about this game? it's pretty cool i played the demo yesterday on the 360. you guys should check it out

    here r a few videos i thought did it justice :P
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    Graphics look excellent. Will it be on PC too ?

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    yea pc release is scheduled for january. i cant wait.

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    I learned about this game about 2 months ago and told zero. It looks pretty good i think.

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    Anyone get it yet? If so, whats your review?

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    oh man that looks nice! the graphics look amazing!

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    Haven't heard anything good about it. Shiny, but not very good as far as the game itself goes.
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    The game was going to come out for the pc sooner but it was delayed so that they could totally overhaul the grafix. You will be able to take advantage of the huge improvements only if you have NVIDIA gpus because it requires Physics-X. This will be the first game to take full advantage of all of the amazing eye candy that Physics-X support offers.

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    It's available through steam now.

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    So i finally got this game after 2 weeks of downloading. Its all working through the training and everything. And then i get the the part where the guys start shooting at me in this green office building, and it lags the fuck out. I turned every setting down to low and turned all the physics off and stuff and its still lagging. Finally it got to the point where it froze and i just had Ctrl+Alt+Dlt its ass. Anyone got some recommendations on how to proceed with this lag?

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