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Thread: Left 4 dead

  1. Default Left 4 dead

    how many people have purchased this through steam so far?

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    buy it you won't be disappointed.

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    I have. Great game !

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    I think I might get it when I build my new computer so I can experience it in all of it's glory.

    How is the single player without co-op?

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    Its alot of fun, I't been awhile since I Really enjoy a game as much as this one..I Hope valve will make new maps and stuff.

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    I bought it last night cause I saw you, co, and 200L playing it. ill be on it tonight.

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    I usually buy a new game, play it for 5 minutes and never play it ever again..then go back to CSS. I'm still playing it.

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    i also bought this...i got it last night and yes its fun as hell

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    can we make a team with us 5? does it worl that way with co op?

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    i think its only 4 v 4 i havent seen anymore than that, but im not sure how to connect to a speciffic game. i played with 2ool last night but i just joined his game from the start menu

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