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Thread: Yours' Truely application for whitelist

  1. Default Yours' Truely application for whitelist

    Minecraft Name: MikeCaw

    Age: 30

    Why do you want to join?: so I can farm all the diamonds and possibly make FRIENDS!!

    Photo(s) or video(s) of your favorite/best creation(s): I cannot post a nude photo of me.

    What type of server are you interested in?: survival - rpg. Fuck endermen and make money

    Have you ever been a part of another server? And if you left, why?: various, just to see what they were doing. Didn't stay or continue b/c either they were to over populated or too crazy.

    How long have you played Minecraft?: officially, since July 2011. Unofficially, over 25 years with lego. The creeper in those times was my brother. He loved stopping by, admiring my work, then proceeding to knock everything over.

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    Accepted, that was probably one of the more entertaining applications I've read in awhile.

    Rezel<ibis>: i'll make a self reliant artificial intelligence to deal with admins... I'll call it maynard 1.0 a exact replica of his personality to kick the shit out of bad admins..
    maynard<ibis>: an army of AI maynards.... this pleases me.

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