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Thread: May 2008

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    Name in Game:J!mB()
    Who banned you:i do not remember
    When:A few months ago
    Where:Zombie Mod+ [IBIS] Fast DL (Lost World)
    Why banned:using an AWP

    Other/Reason to unban:I have been disconnected for a few months now and truly believe that I have rehabilitated. I'm quite sorry and I promise I will never cause trouble again.

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    i knew a guy named jimbo back in high school... an he would never use words like rehabilitated... and sorry... and never cause trouble... he would say like... "hey, i can put my weed in that" or "im on a pill and all i can see are snakes" or "thats nar nars"

    in any case. you shouldnt be banned for more then 5 minutes for JUST using an awp.

    this calls for more investigation...

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    whys the title of this thread "may". accordoing to the stats you last connected in september... unless im reading something wrong...

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    The stats are reset so that there are no records before September, if you want older records add _old to the end of the url and you can view the archive records.

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