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    Extreme admin disrespect.

    What happened:

    The player tk'd me. I slayed him. He called me a "stupid queer admin" then proceeded to call me a nigger and other such things.

    I didn't appreciate this one bit.

    He was in the wrong for tking me in the first place and should have just accepted his slay.

    He's been permabanned. I would accept an unban if he came on here and apologized.

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    He one of them stealth trouble makers that can't stay in their own server and call each other the N word. But that perm banned will most likely be overturned.

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    Well racism is one of the causes of permabans. So if it is turned...then whats the sense of establishing rules ?

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    It will be overturn... sorry rico your right but idiots have said way more worse shit here in this forum and on the server and been slap on the wrist.

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    he won't be unbanned. he won't apologize so he won't b unbanned. if he is jut ban him again until he fesses up to his rude behavior.

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