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Thread: Want your map to be build?

  1. Default Want your map to be build?

    I am currently learning the SDK hammer source map editing, and i think i'm expirence enough to make well maps, i will not make a ZM map yet since their is still alot to learn. Iv'e made 2 jailbreaks, and a Fun map for my freind and so far they have been a hit on his servers.

    So if you got a pub or a GG map that you wish to see, i will do my best to make it.

    Taking any ideas, i'm not pro like Death yet, but i think i can make a good map.

    -And i need someone who can make me a good Sig. D-monic...
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    I can always make a good map with static props. So Classic and GG easy to build a good map. I been messing around with a few Zm test maps I been making and I cant seem to find the right prop setting. Right now im using the Prop_physic_override option, to make movable props. Problem is they freak out when you hit them, or they send you flying. Like example the props are like the Natya ship map. They just fail.

    So what setting are you using?

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    How about modifying boat escape 5 so that theres a nice solid, but still breakable cading spot at nuke island at the end of the map?

    and some sort of cading complex in the area where you call for the boats would be nice, so the humans could actually hold off the zombies there instead of waitng to be slaughtered.

    Okay these suggestions may be out of your legue for now But I still think they would help make boatescape 5 abit more survivable.

    Rig it up so that instead of the nuke going off 5 seconds after you press the radio its 20 seconds and remove the pods and the retaining wall that prevents people from getting to them and put two mini helicopters in there place.
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