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    Welcome to another year of UK Anime! We will be starting off the year with two amazing anime, Nichijou and Higurashi, along with a new tradition before the main event, all new AMV's, and a research study. Dr. Masamichi (Marro) Inoue will be presenting his research study :Why Study Japanese?: An Ethnographic Exploration of Japanese Culture as a Global Sanctuary. As usual, we are in room 111 of the Student Center at 6. Hope to see you there!
    A Molotov Cocktail?

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    I hope you all have a great year! Also wow I wish I could hear that presentation, will anyone be recording it?

    Also I already saw on the website your scheduled to watch some great shows I hope everyone that has not seen them yet enjoyes them b/c I did. (although I still have not seen higurashi yet)

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