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Thread: Wassss up peeps???

  1. Default Wassss up peeps???

    Wassss going on dudes & u fine ladies if there still is any. Football season allll most over soo can i get "blood on my knife" from u bitches!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahhz

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    Good to see you back! How was the season?

  3. Default Good season sooo far 4 uncle june

    Wasss up dudes zero,dutch,c.o.,duals,d-monic,afro,sid v,cheese,project chic,manbearpig,lanx,revy rev,ricohet,beast,checkmark,walter,wicked,wings,an d all you other mofos......been good hope u fools still play i miss you guys...but like i said good season "im rich bitch"

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    Umm hi??

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    hey good news! and thanks for letting us know you are alive! people only believe m for so long when I say you're in jail.

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    damn man. forget me too huh june?? i told them ur gone for football season but no 1 beleives me.... dick.

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    yo june good to hear from you man. i havent been on lately either guys but i should be able to start playing again now. had to deal with some family things

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    welcome home junie!

    We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm ~ George Orwell

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    Well how about you actually join the server for a second time, June?

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