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  1. Default UNCLE JUNE is BACK!

    I was in the PUB server yesterday afternoon trying to get the server started, when UNCLE JUNE <ibis> joined. At first I thought someone was messing around, but when I heard him talk I became sure it was him.

    Contrary to the popular theory, he was not arrested. From what I understand he just stopped playing CSS because his job is very intense during football season.

    Nikolay was online at the time and can verify all of this.

    Just thought yall might like to know.

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    AHAHAHAHAHAH what an epic fail man. omg your dumb...

    read the fuckin forums before you try to inform us.

    thanks though, it was a good thought.

    PS. omg i cant believe that just happened!

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    he is just embarrassed and trying to cover it up. I saw him on a documentary in san qeuntin on a&e last month.

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