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    Really I got a simple question for the rest of the mappers out here. Is it legal to take a valve map and remake it into a zm map? Because right now im working on remaking cs_assault, into zm_assault :P

    I reworked all the building into walkable areas with rooms and what not, breakable windows and what not. Rigth now im just adding in the props and I should get around to testing it next week once my days off from work comes around.

    But since no one has remade the map already? Is it illegal to?

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    yes i think you can you own the game you have legal rights

    as long as you are not planning to make any profit from such action

    im not 100% sure but its doubtful if valve you take you to court any ways

    happy modding!!!!

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    Yea it is fine

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    sweet, im glad I can finish it then :P I put some time into reworking the map, it was going to suck if I couldn't release it :P

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