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Thread: Admin Poser

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    Has been admin posing for a while now, and he has been warned numerous times to take off the ibis.a tag yet he still comes in with the ibis tag. He was permanently banned.

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    I am sorry. I am french and I don't really inderstand english. If i would have understand warnings, I imediatly take off "ibis.a". I don't make this another time.

    I don't want to be banned because I have buy css for ibis only. I love zombi mod of ibis and if I am banned, i can't play my favourite server.

    Sorry for all. Serhoe

  3. Default O rly?

    really dude, really? a few weeks ago i kick you after telling you to take out the ibis.a tag and you still didn't listen. i even type it out and you even said you were an admin. then i kick ya. less then a week ago you had it in your name, i said something and you disconnected. And today you were told multiple times to not have it and you still had it on. So i ban ya, it was originally for a week but i made it perm. Thx for a few people for telling me some information. Is this true, you were using it to tell players that " you were an admin and if you didn't do this, i would do that?" just wanna know. ( you got caught with a screenshot, no admins on, and you said you were an admin, and if people didn't listen to you, you would ban them ) not my screenshot, but if this gets out of hand my freind will post it.

    Peace, and maybe see ya in the server, cause you will get unban.
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    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    I am sorry. I am very stupid and i don't make this a another time.

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    It's true what you have told. I will have been banned so I don't think why. Today, i understant that i don't have the right to make this.

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    Serhoe that's real fucked up all admins have to pay MONEY to get admin you insult us all by posing as a admin thats real cheap just pay a few euros for it?

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    I know that you have reason. So Give me last one luck. If i do anything that cause ban, ban me permanently.

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    I am really sorry for all the admin. I don't had to make this. So plz give me last one luck ;(

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    Has he been banned for this offense before if so for how long?

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    Holy Shit said a that he banned him before for a week. So a perma ban was needed

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