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Thread: Banned for doing as I'm told...?

  1. Thumbs down Banned for doing as I'm told...?

    This evening I played at your GG server, and the people there was talking way to much so I played a "SHUT UP!" sound from HLSS. Then Project.S said "Play it again", and I played it again and got banned... Excuse me, but what the hell?

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    How about dont drop the middle details Mr.T.

    You were muted twice and bypassed the mute twice before this. You were told to stop playing it and that i knew you had already bypassed my mute twice and you played it again. Then i dared you to play it again and see what would happen.

    Now enjoy your ban, its not a perm so no crying. Next time understand that when your muted, not just once but twice..your warnings have run out and you can enjoy your week ban. I would of made it a day but you decided to test my patience. Maybe youll get lucky and someone will feel bad for you and change it but otherwise your ban was well justified.

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    What the hell are you talking about??? You didn't mute me twice! Not even once!! If you did not have had the admin rights, I would have said something realy ugly, but since you unfortunately do, I wont. And you never dared me to play the sound, you told me to play it again, or maybe I missunderstood...?

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    She is right Mr. T, i even told you not to play it again and you did it.

    Serve the ban, and come back and get own!
    Quote Originally Posted by EVL_Ripper View Post

    Oh and let your mom know I did receive the invitation she sent for your party at Chuck E Cheese tomorrow.

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    i'll do you one better, im in a good mood and if you apologize and dont do it again, i'll unban you - it is saturday after all..and its close the christmas and im too fucking cold to fight lol

    but first you gotta say what you would say if i wasnt an admin..lets hear it

  6. Wink hehe :P

    Are you guys mistaking me for that Mr (_*_) guy? But if you did tell me to stop it, I didn't hear it and I'm sorry. And for you Project, actually I dont know O.o just an average online threat And once again, If I missunderstood you, I'm sorry

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    if you stop the winking i'll unban you, so long as your steam id is given to me now

    and no i had him muted at the same time lol

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    I still dont understand how I could have used the sounds if you muted me... but lets put this behind us, eh?^^ STEAM_0:0:18030480

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    Hmm... still banned... yayaya

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    i muted you and then you went around them twice. i'm just unbanning you now. try it in a few mins

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