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I'm making this blog about anything on my mind and anything happening in my life.

Disagree with it or not I don't care. That's the beauty of a blog!

  1. Probably not normal, and I don't give a fuck

    I have violent urges to want to go berserk on mother fuckers. I had to ask my Marine and Army friends if they felt the same. They say they always feel this way. Then I realized their probably not the best people to ask. Point of this story? I want to break faces.
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  2. Why Egypt is awesome.

    I've been following Egypt closely with special interest since I have a family member who lives there. Since day one of the protest I was a little concerned with the fact that we might have drawn troops to control a sleeping giant that would grow into an all out civil war. Don't get me wrong, the Middle East will never be a peaceful place as long as religion is a base for their government issues. This is why I always stress separate church and state. Separate your personal beliefs from government ...

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  3. Reasons why I hate your face.

    That is most likely what you've heard in your life... that is your military life... if you were ever in the military, by an NCO or a Drill Sgt. Now, before I continue, I really hate people. I thought I really used to hate people. Now it's just ten times worse. I hate people who take their freedom for granted. I hate people who think things are suppose to come to them. I hate people who have no discipline. I hate the civilian world.

    What's even more hilarious though is I miss ...

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