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My blog is fantastic!!!!!!

It is.

  1. Fucks_enable 0

    This is my new motto. I have decided that I will make good use of thd blog section, since it is no longer owned by bots.

    I am pretty sure i have broken my toe. I got really drunk last week and ended up sitting in spec in NS2 talking about anime, i think...then, i somehow got to bed. Then, i remember getting out of bed because I was sooo fucking thirsty. I started down the steps and my heel slipped, i fall on my back (total banana peel scenario), and slide the rest of the way down ...
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  2. Playdough fucking stinks.

    Im really tired, but i cant sleep. Im also really annoyed at these useless bot blogs advertising "very scented candles".

    On to my original thought..

    You know how sometimes you catch a wiff of something random? Like, smelling weed when noone is around, or smelling perfume/cologne, when you arent wearing any? Its there for a second, and gone the next....

    I just caught a wiff of fucking playdough...i fucking hate the smell of it. It smells like ...