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Thread: Updated policy for ranked servers startying may 4th, 2021

  1. Default Updated policy for ranked servers startying may 4th, 2021

    SA: Okay, to keep you in the loop we will start enforcing an updated policy for ranked servers starting the 4th of May 2021 ("may the 4th be with you")

    The new/updated policy for ranked ns2 servers is:
    - The server should have 12-20 player slots
    - The server will ensure through its configuration that it maintains an equal number of players between the two teams when the server is full. (No 10v9 allowed)
    - The maximum Spectator slot amount for a Ranked server is 5
    - The server should run the ns2 game mode only with mods that have been green light. A list of greenlight mods can be found at
    - The server should be using VAC
    - The server should use the default consistency check. If you want to use a custom consistency check configuration please contact a developer for approval in this channel. (we recognize there can be issues in some cases regarding old sound mods)
    - The reported server performance in the server browser needs to be at least "Okay" for 99% of the time the server is online.
    - The server environment should foster a friendly community.
    - The server should not modify, bypass or manipulate the steam inventory (official skins/badges) system.
    - The server should not override a user's skin selection. (if they've selected default green, then it needs to be default green)
    - There should not be any attempt of manipulating the server's query status response (which includes the player details, ping, performance data and game mode) or the hive end-round reports.

    We will contact you if your server's ranked status changes and you can appeal to us to get your server ranked again.

    The above policy may be changed at any point in the future based on the feedback we get. We will announce any change in the server ops channel at our official discord server. If you don't have access to the server ops channel please contact us.

    Allowed mods for ranked ns2 servers:

    These changes are specifically in response to IBIS and DMD allowing unfair teams when reserved slots are used (or you are afk in the readyroom for extended amounts of time)


    Thanks for your time
    NS2 CDT

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    So does this mean no more reserved slot?

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