• No, our new services will not include unique fish fragrances, custom meat draperies or poorly Photoshopped red trucks.As many of you already know a month or so ago we completely updated our website. While many changes are still in progress it is now time to start a new chapter for IBIS Gaming...
    Today, I am pleased to announce that soon the website will start to have regularly updated content. At first it is going to be some anime reviews but soon you will start to see game reviews and other content as well. It is my hope to make IBIS Gaming a community that offers multiple benefits. While we all obviously enjoy CS:S and other games as well we also have many other interests. It is my intention to transform IBIS Gaming into a place that is a source for both fun and knowledge.

    Obviously I plan to also start writing some articles over the summer that will cover a broad range of topics. As many of you know I am quite knowledgeable about computers and having run these servers for years I also have a unique perspective on CS:S. It is my hope that though my writing I will be able to share with you all some of the knowledge I have gained from working on computers and on these servers.

    In the future I hope to create opportunities for members of the community to become writers for IBIS Gaming and be able to create their own articles on a regular basis.

    Lastly I want to let you all know that from now on the News section on the main site will start to cover all sorts of things such as changes to the servers as well as planned changes. This is to enable everyone to have an easier time keeping track of what is going on in the community. In addition I will also try to cover tech industry news that I feel may interest you, this will likely consist of some brief commentary from me as well as links to sources for additional information.

    Once again, as always I am working toward trying to build the sort of community that we can all enjoy. It is my hope that we can enrich the community though these new service offerings and that over time this will lead to an even stronger and greater community than what we already have today! Also, no, our new services will not include unique fish fragrances, custom meat draperies or poorly Photoshopped red trucks.

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