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Thread: Marijuana (aka HAXOR) STEAM_0:1:60257741 13/03/13

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    Name: Marijuana
    Steam id: STEAM_0:1:60257741
    banned by: Team effort by Cyber ibis.a , Brett ibis.a and Carmichal ibis.a

    Reason for ban: Bypassing a perma ban. He's is the infamous HAXOR. dun dun dunnnnnn
    Duration : PERMA. Posted for documentation only.

    Link to ban:

    Marijuana's been bugging me because his online history was TOO clean... and for a new guy in ibis wcs, he was constantly at the top of his team... He also gave me the ESP vibe... A gaming vibe that kept reminding me of someone i've watched MANY times before. Haxor/Illuminati...
    Even his whoring of nebula and his his nebula gameplay kept reminding me of the guy i banned soooo many times before.

    And then THIS happened:

    (Cyber) : "brett, i swear marijuana's snarky attitude and gameplay reminds me of haxor... i had the SAME weird esp vibe from him when i was recording him as illuminati"
    (Brett) : "cyber, u're gonna love this. look at the ips, he's also from vermont, where haxor was"
    (Cyber) : dude...?
    (Brett) : dude... oh and where's my car?
    *and so the man hunt began*
    HAxor and marijuana shared the first 2 sets of digits in their ip, suggesting they were in the same state at least.
    haxor_ips.PNG marijuana_ips.PNG

    What REALLY set me on the hunt is the nickname marijuana used 5 times "Hemp oil cures cancer"... It took me to an illuminati forums, how convenient... I asked brett about it, and by the time i searched that " name +ibis " on google, brett's amazing memory remembered something about "hemp"... from a thread before... so he found the following

    Quote Originally Posted by brett friggin favre View Post
    on a hunch from cyber, he and i started thinking maybe this guy is good ol' sl4x0r|2. JUST SO TURNED OUT, this guy's ip's are from the same general location as h4x0|2: vermont, near burlington. HMMMM. no real ip correlation, except that the 2 old accounts and this new one both have ip's starting in 64.233. this guy is WAY too good at css to have NO HISTORY WHATSOEVER, NO STEAM ACCOUNT SETUP, and also has a 1.17 kdr on wcs...just starting out. also looking at his stats, we notice the name "Hemp Oil Cures Cancer". googling that brings us to an article: . i banned h4x0|2 under the name Illuminati_NWO when he tried to come back one time...just ctrl+f "illuminati". HMMMMM. but even better, there's a snippet from a conversation i had with this guy after banning him as illuminati_NWO:

    Illuminati_NWO | ibis.a: henry ford made a car from hemp
    Illuminati_NWO | ibis.a: that ran on hemp
    Bert Favre | ibis.a: you've been reading too much dan brown
    Illuminati_NWO | ibis.a: but hemp's illegal now
    Illuminati_NWO | ibis.a: it used to be illegal not to grow hemp in the 1820s
    Illuminati_NWO | ibis.a: hemp oil cures multiple cancers


    cyber and i are 99% sure this is the same guy. he has the same attitude, same borderline walling, same location, same beliefs. all this can't be coincidence. this is our old h4x0|2, almost certainly.

    But this was only convincing to myself and Brett... we NEEDED that extra 1% to make conclusive for IBIS. So we kept digging.

    Marijuana's steam profile is disabled so that we don't get stats on him (smart move, but no one is that clean)
    So...due to a STEAM glitch, you can actually bypass the main profile page and go straight to the player's sub_sections by adding "/friends" for example at the end of the url, it shows that person's friends.
    SOOO... lets do that... and let's take a look
    maru friends and datestamp.PNG

    Well lookie here, he has a friend called "Failure"... added on January 6th 2013... The name rings a bell... But what is even MORE interesting is that The date happens to be the EXACT date marijuana joined ibis... so obviously i venture into that guy's account...

    I look into Failure's account here:

    And Guess what!!??
    The ONLY friends on that account are Marijuana AAANNDDD (wait for it) SLAXOR!

    So i backtrack Failure's steam page to a steam id checker and cross check his steamid with ibis sourcebans
    failure_steamid_finder.PNG failure_is_haxor_sourcebans.PNG
    I discover that FAILURE IS HAXOR.
    Maruana's now tied to both haxor and slaxor in more ways than just "my hunch".

    So now that we have proof, brett and carm went for the confession by playing the good cop routine. Should they have failed, I was going for the bad cop routine, where i would accuse him of ESP and force him to prove to me how he's not a hacker by trying to defend himself and giving me more info about him that i could use to compare accounts.
    and surely enough, marijuana is full of himself and admits to being HAXOR.

    See images attached from both parties. (BRETT's confession chat is actually fucking hilarious)

    brett mari confession HILARIOUS.pngcarm mari confession.jpg

    Case shut, Watson.
    Good work for both Brett and Carm, i couldn't have been able to instant perma without them.

    Again, No matter how hard you hide, or how smart you think you are, we are the Liam Neeson of ibis:
    We might not know who you are. But We will find you. And we WILL ban you.

    Who knows... your man hunt might be triggered by something as simple as ... oh well... Cyber's Hunch.

    perma. closed.
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    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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