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Thread: Direct information regarding DDoS attack 08/03/2016 3:43PM

  1. Default Direct information regarding DDoS attack 08/03/2016 3:43PM

    ZERO, we were playing today on the Gungame server when a hacker named 'Maiz' joined the game. Clearly hacking, no admins on, no one with enough mental capacity to perform a voteban.

    I talked shit because it was clear he was hacking. I think I struck a nerve because about two minutes later, he said, and I'm quoting so pardon the language, 'bye bye faggots' and within five seconds, the server came under a DDoS attack.

    Pull the demo for wootday corresponding to 08/03 at 3:30PMish and you can see for yourself what occurred. I hope this little piece of cocky fuckstick can be traced back somehow with this additional info.

    As of now, he is continuing to DDoS stating 'I can't believe this server allows set info exploit' or something along those lines. He went full on spinbot when I came back and talked more shit.

    I'm too lazy to post a ban thread but obvious clan or ULA need to ban this Steam account (one of a thousand I'm sure).

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    I'll make the ban, and ddos will be brought up in clan section. Thank you temp for bringing it up so quickly.

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    Sure thing. Wallet already banned the account in question, just FYI. Good luck!

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    From what i see, Wallet hasn't made any bans.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Done and done though.

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    Ty for reporting that, temp
    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

    Quote Originally Posted by ZERO View Post
    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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    gj temp i take 2 days off and this happens lol still off tell the tenth tho

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    Yeah PureEvil, you hold it down

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    Pure is known in certain circles as the wallhack macgyver or something.

    And thanks jw <3

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