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    gg_outpost is not working, misssing bsp file?

    gg_chaos_beta missing the bsp file...

    gg_flower needs the pink sky to be fixed, but thats smthn to talk with xmas about it ,but the map layout is insanely awesome.

    gg_poison_sky (to remove or fix) didnt allow me to join the server bcos map was missing , so im gonna try to download the map now from fps banana so i can change the map...

    EDIT: went to fps banana (link in my "add "post), once i downloaded the map individually, i joined now, it works perfectly, and the map is insane... altho no one is it... so does the "map not auto downloading" thing happen to be smthn that can be fixed by you zero? or is it the map itself?
    Same with GG_fyrh as in gg_poison_Sky, plus the fact that the map is kinda shiny on the countour walls, but its like a rip off of funtimes, but better texture.
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    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

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    The maps at the top are not on the server or even in the map lists...

    gg_poison_sky was uploaded correctly, it is possible the fast dl was down when you first went to that map. Can you try again and see? If it does not work please post another link to the working file you got so I can try that.

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