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Thread: [add] pretty darn gd maps for once on fps

  1. Default [add] pretty darn gd maps for once on fps

    looks simple.


    another txture map!! :P

    what? too chicken to try it ?:P

    should confuse the shit out of u in a way that u dnt know which way is north! , figure of speech:P

    this map is similar to funtimes maybe? but i like the glass that can be broken, its like a mix between funtimes and ashy2glassy

    we all cry about all the wallhackers in the game right? lets take the fight to their level!
    this map is tweaked in a way that the players can see through walls like wallhacks...consider it a better alternative of the shitty glasstank map!
    i'd try it! u know what they say: if everyone is walling, no one is :P


    lets give it a whirl?

    i really wanna see this map added! its like the better version of gg_egypt, without the HUGE map size and the useless side camping obstacles...

    judge urself! the corner spawns remind me gg_marble_x
    Started from bottom. Now we here. <IBIS>

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    Trying to hack in IBIS is like trying to kill someone in a police station, not the best idea...

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    Added some

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